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Find information on the current research projects undertaken by students from the Sustainable Engineering Group at Curtin.
If you’re interested in pursuing postgraduate study with SEG, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PhD Candidate

  • Mohammad Raquibul Hasan (PhD, Ongoing)

    Use of 3D printer for diverting plastic wastes from WA’s landfill

  • Daniela Rivas Aybar (PhD, Ongoing)

    Life cycle sustainability assessment of emerging hemp-based construction materials in Australia

  • Marcus Byrne (PhD, Ongoing)

    Development of the Zero-Carbon Transition Roadmap for the Australian Alumina Industry

  • Matthew Rumsa (PhD, Ongoing)

    The Iron and Steel Sustainability Transition: Australia Roadmap for Net Zero by 2050


  • Anulipt Chadan (PhD, 2023)
    A Blockchain Interoperability Framework to Streamline Information Sharing for Achieving Sustainability Outcomes
  • Ravi Sankar Cheela (PhD, 2022)
    A comparative life cycle assessment of modern waste management technologies and their role in future Indian waste management
  • Kelvin Say (PhD, 2021)
    Leveraging Complexity and Dynamics to Engineer Sustainable Urban and Industrial Energy Systems
  • Shahana Janjua (Phd, 2021)
    Sustainability Implication of Residential Building Materials Considering Service Life Variability
  • Sam Wilkinson (PhD, 2021)
    How does the solar PV evolution into the SWIS affect the future opportunities for transition away from coal-based power and towards distributed renewables in Western Australia
  • Danielle Gale (PhD, 2021)
    Cost-effective greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for livestock production on perennial and annual pasture systems in Western Australia
  • Anja Werner (MPhil, 2019)
    Industrial Symbiosis – Models of Development
  • Chye Ing Lim (PhD, 2019)
    Developing a Sustainability Assessment for Malaysian Palm Oil Production in Malaysia
  • Joni Safaat Adiansyah (PhD, 2018)
    Mine Tailings Management- a computational assessment to assist life cycle management
  • Ferdinand Latunij (PhD, 2017)
    Increasing the implementation of Cleaner Production and Industrial Symbiosis in Small-Medium Enterprises with Specific Focus on Air Emissions
  • Krishna Lawania (PhD, 2017)
    Sustainability assessment of composite walls made of recycled material for construction of houses: The case of Western Australia
  • Angie Silva (PhD, 2017)
    The roles of discourse, framing and governance in the transition to sustainability
  • Yun Fatimah (PhD, 2016)
    Remanufacturing as a potential means of attaining sustainable industrial development in Indonesia 2015
  • Felicity Denham (PhD, 2016)
    Cleaner production strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the Western Australian fin fish industry
  • Debbie Engelbrecht (PhD, 2015)
    Integrated Spatial Technology Framework for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Grain Production in Western Australia
  • Feisal Ali Mohammed (PhD, 2014)
    A Framework for Synergy Evaluation and Implementation in Resource Based Industries 2017
  • Arne Bredin (PhD, 2012)
    Loading and regeneration process of fibrous mist filters during the combined collection of solid-liquid nano-aerosol droplets in air streams
  • Ryan Mead-Hunter (PhD 2012)
    Modelling micro-scale coalescence and transport processes in liquid aerosol filtration
  • Peter A. Bullen (PhD, 2010)
  • Thanasouk Bounyasoul (MPhil, 2010)
    Triple Bottom Line approach in assessing the sustainability of two farming practices in rice production in Lao
  • Dick van Beers (PhD, 2009)
    Application of the cleaner production framework to the development of regional synergies in heavy industrial areas: a case study of Kwinana (Western Australia) 
  • B.R. Kurup (PhD, 2007)
    Methodology for capturing triple bottom line benefits of Industrial Symbiosis programs