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Solar panel and wind turbine

Our sustainable engineering research crosses a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines including life cycle engineering, engineering design, renewable energy, resource recovery, remanufacturing, sustainable materials science and systems engineering.

SEG research involves applying an engineering perspective in improving engineering efficiency and the development and implementation of innovations to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production. Potential applications among many, include industrial symbiosis, green design, remanufacturing, life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, systems modelling, waste management and process efficiency innovation.

2018 Research Projects

Find out about the latest research projects for the Sustainable Engineering Group:


  • Strength & durability testing of FRP
  • Acoustic sensor assessment of FRP strength testing under different conditions
  • Architectural application of GFRP
  • Use of recycled aggregate concrete in construction
  • Reducing Urban heat island effects through good planning and materials selection

Renewable energy

  • Complex systems assessment of renewable energy technology transitions
  • Sustainability assessment of regional renewable power systems
  • Renewable energy data management systems

Engineering education

  • Sustainable engineering education development

Industrial ecology

  • Sustainable Business Models: An Industrial Ecology perspective
  • Industrial Symbiosis potential in architectural application
  • Sustainable business model development


  • Sustainability benefits of remanufacturing

Pavement engineering

  • Urban heat island effects associated with pavement design
  • Sustainable pavement design and construction
  • Application of recycled concrete in road pavements
  • Numerical analysis of flexible pavement structures

Sustainability assessment

  • Development of EPD’s for ready-mix and precast concrete
    Sustainability assessment of FRP composite and construction materials