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View testimonials written by previous students of the Sustainable Engineering group.

“I really enjoyed taking the ENST6005 unit because it includes in-depth studies relating to a lot of different sustainability related subjects. I learned a great deal about limits to growth, the sustainability implications of population on economic growth and associated environmental impacts. The subjects are very relevant to today’s society and highlight why urgent sustainability action is needed. Michele is a very committed and helpful professor. The two essays in the unit required a lot of work but I also learned a lot from it.”

— Iva, June 2020

“My Doctorate research at Curtin University is in the area of Sustainability, Employability and Human Resource Management. I want to contribute my research findings to the societies about green employment, employability skills, and career advancement. Being in corporate business for many years, I found that I lacked knowledge in the field of sustainability management. I decided to enrol in ENST6005 Global Sustainability Studies. The course helped me gain a lot of understanding in sustainability management and the various causes of climate change that impact our natural environment. The course also includes international economic and social development and the importance of the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment. I also gained an understanding of the global perspectives of sustainable development, especially the United Nations initiatives in mitigating climate change. Apart from this, I liked the online discussion forums we did on various topics. This engagement with my peers and the Professor fostered my learnings in a very effective way. Being in a group of like-minded students, we were encouraged to dig deep into the topic of global sustainability, in the hope of making positive changes to our society.”

— Paul, June 2020

“I chose to study Sustainability Management at Curtin University due to its affiliation with the Sustainable Engineering Group. Following my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was interested in using my knowledge to address the pertinent environmental issues that face Australia and the world. During my time in the course, I have been exposed to many meaningful discussions during seminars and pushed to pursue research in areas that interest me while exploring novel issues that need to be addressed. I have learned from the lecturers’ experiences and the valuable inputs from my peers who come from various professional and cultural backgrounds. We are encouraged to bring fresh perspectives to tackle the difficult obstacles that governments and industries face when considering the environmental impacts of their activities.”

— Kavya, February 2020

“I wanted to do something different, something that would change the world. So, I chose to study the Master of Sustainability Management after finishing my undergrad in Environmental Biology.

My favourite thing about this course was meeting talented and motivated people from different backgrounds. I found people who became an important part of my life. This was an innovative way of learning that departs from traditional approaches to learning. I developed habits of careful thoughts and learned how to apply those to everyday life and future career. This course has motivated me in many ways and given me a greater sense of self-worth. My professors helped to form and strengthen my identity, encouraged and supported me when times were tough and pushed towards my goals. It was a lifetime experience. My highlights from this course were the assignments that were linked to the industry. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in sustainability.”

— Samina, February 2020

“I decided to study the MSc Sustainability Management with SEG to complement my undergraduate degree (BSc Environmental Biology), and increase my versatility for a future in the environmental and sustainability science fields. Specifically due to the holistic nature that an MSc in Sustainability Management necessitates, and the multidisciplinary aspects that comprise sustainable development. Although I may lean more to the environmental stewardship aspects of sustainability, the course has given me a broader perspective and appreciation for the social and economic issues which must also be strategically managed in the pursuit of a more sustainable future for ourselves, and our world.

SEG endeavours to provide real world experiences, high quality education, and opportunities for its students. As part of my thesis component, SEG has given me the opportunity to apply my learnings to a funded research project on adding value to agricultural by-products and reducing waste for the horticultural industry north of Perth. The practical experience and networking opportunities I will gain from this project will be highly valuable for furthering my career and improving my employability in sustainable management. I am extremely thankful to the Sustainable Engineering Group for the opportunities they have given me.”

— Daniel, June 2017

“I was awarded an Australia Awards Scholarship in January 2016, and this gave me the opportunity to select any Australian university. I decided to do my research with Sustainable Engineering Group (SEG), as the group endeavours to address sustainability issues in a real world setting.

My supervisors, while highly qualified, are approachable and very helpful.

The expertise I’m gaining from my supervisors and the courses offered by SEG, assists me in my research which aims to assess the eco-efficiency of renewable energy technologies for remote area power supply in Western Australia. We are supported in our studies and the supervisors are very motivational.

I would recommend Curtin as it’s a multicultural university where I’ve met people from all over the world and I’m making life-long friends in the process.

I would certainly recommend the program to others.”

— Aldrick Arceo, July 2017

“Having been an Environmental Consultant for 5 years, I found myself falling into the sustainability field as well. Now 4 years later, sustainability is where most of my work is focused. Whilst my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science do compliment sustainability, I decided to obtain my Masters in Sustainability Management to build on my experiences, and improve and refine my capabilities in the area.

I have found this course offers a great insight into sustainability management, and has bridged the gaps between well-known and accepted theories with my experiences and on the job training. With classes promoting discussion, it has been great to learn from other people’s experiences in different industries.

From what I have learnt so far, I have altered my approach to clients in the incorporation of sustainability management within their businesses. It has also allowed me to gain a further understanding in the theory behind some of the research I depend on in my work.

The staff at the Sustainable Engineering Group at Curtin are also very helpful and flexible, with some assignments adjusted to be more applicable to my field. This allows me to produce documents which I can then use in my workplace to further improve our sustainability practices. I have also found the lectures well up to date with industry practices, with staff well informed and experienced in their areas of expertise.

With the passion from both the lecturers and students in the classes, it allows for the course to be fuelled with both theory and practicalities. I have also found it to be a great sounding board in obtaining objective advice, based on the lecturer’s experiences, as to how to improve my approach to others in promoting sustainable outcomes in business.”

— Amy Elkington, March 2017

“My passion for sustainability has led me to being a leader in the energy sector.

I see my Sustainability Management degree giving me the skills, tools, insights and people support to lead the energy sector as it grapples with the unprecedented change and technological disruption that is emerging.

My SEG degree has been invaluable in helping me become more aware of the sustainability issues facing Australia and the rest of the world and provides me with the added confidence to challenge the status quo of doing business in the energy sector.

Over the past four years, the learnings from my Sustainability Management degree have significantly contributed to me making more effective and sustainable business strategy decisions and more recently has enabled me to diversify my professional experience in the area of the government energy sector policy.

I’m looking forward to continuing my SEG studies and learning about new ways to do business in the energy sector.”

— Tristan Berentzen, March 2017

“The MSc Sustainability Major course run by the Sustainable Engineering Group at Curtin provides a wide variety of content that can be applied to a variety of workforces with ease and is delivered by staff that are passionate and technically competent on their subjects. The level of personal support and encouragement allows for skills and technical knowledge delivered to be applied successfully and with confidence.”

— Sarah, June 2016

“I chose to study MSc (Sustainability Management) as I’m really interested in sustainability and believe it is a vital and relevant component in all fields. The course, as well as the people teaching and studying it at SEG , are innovative, forward-thinking, practical and realistic. I’ve developed a lot as a student during my studies as my critical thinking skills have sharpened. The course has introduced me to different angles and perspectives on sustainability and the need for a holistic approach in sustainability management. The course is comprehensive, challenging and has helped me become a better engineer.”

— Sabina Rahman, December 2016

“It is one thing to be passionate about sustainability and apply it in our everyday lives but an entirely different thing to embed it within organisational culture and operations. I have truly enjoyed the learning journey this course on Organisational Strategies for Sustainability has provided and it certainly will assist me in sustainability leadership in my organisation. The realistic and practical assignments have challenged me into thinking critically about strategies to overcome organisational barriers in adopting sustainability practices and how to take critical steps in initiating and sustaining transformative change. I look forward to taking more units within this course to develop further practical knowledge and skills in sustainability management.”

— Ada Wong, December 2016